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"Karla Harris takes nothing for granted in this music. Nor should we in listening to her. … [she] understands that every interpretation is just one possibility, and she offers us an enticing opportunity to open our minds.”

Jazz da Gama

"Karla Harris has a beautiful voice, impeccable diction, and the ability to make her improvisations a logical part of the song that she is interpreting. …  [On Certain Elements] the focus is very much on Karla Harris’ voice. Among the highlights are the message of “Set Sophia Free,“ the sensuous yet subtle mood of “The Way He Makes Me Feel,” the swinging “When Michael,” “Interlude” (a menacing strut), and the ballad “Do I Still Figure In Your Life.” Certain Elements displays Karla Harris’ growth as a singer, improviser, and especially as a songwriter. While she is realizing her great potential, one also looks forward to her future projects."

–Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian, author of The Jazz Singers

“Karla Harris is a jazz vocalist with exceptional talent that surfaces like a beautiful ballet dancer on Certain Elements. Her voice resonates with passion over countless stories of romance and heartbreak. Among the best are “Interlude” (between her and her again), “Cherish,” “Set Sophia Free” and “The Way He Makes Me Feel.” Starting in St. Louis, stretching out in Portland and now based in Atlanta, Harris has a voice you want to hear and experience time and time again.”

– D. Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Jazz Newsletter

“Once In A While… a piece of musical art comes along that is so listenable…so beautiful…so rich…so engaging and fresh and vulnerable…I have to say, ‘GET THIS NOW.’  This, Certain Elements, is it.”

– Tamara Fuller, owner of The Velvet Note, a Downbeat magazine “Best Jazz Venue”

“…Give her a microphone and you’ll understand the meaning of jazz. One minute, her clean, beautiful vocals on a timeless standard wash over you, and then she cold-cocks you with a blues number that’ll stick to your ribs.”

– John Baum, Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Rich, full-bodied and with a slightly buttery finish, Karla Harris has mad skills! … a vocal artist with impeccable phrasing and the innate gift to have the band play with and not around her …”

– Brent Black,

“Karla Harris’ Brubeck album salutes and enhances our appreciation of great jazz masters … She makes these seldom-heard lyrics come alive.”

– Thomas Cunniffe, In Memoriam,

“The Brubecks would have been pleased.”

– Scott Yanow, Jazziz Magazine

“‘Karla Harris Sings The Dave & Iola Brubeck Songbook’ achieves a masterful lilt, hum, and trajectory of popular and rare jazz instrumentals set to lyrics. … What’s nice about Harris as a jazz vocalist is she doesn’t overwhelm the songs. She lends enough of her pulse to be a part of the heartbeat of the entire process, vocals and instrumentals, and the strange meandering force that lies between.”

– Carol Banks Weber,

“Always respectful of her American Songbook choices, Harris has superb intonation and a contemporary, appealing approach to the songs.”

– Jazz Scene Magazine

“Karla Harris is a powerful singer at ease in any setting, a singer for all seasons who makes any song memorable.”

– Standards in Jazz, WSIE Radio

“Vocalist Karla Harris tends to take the stage by storm and doesn’t let go till it’s all over.”

– Clubscene