February 5, 2020

“Living a Vocal Life” podcast with host Valerie Day

Fans of ’80s music will remember the band Nu Shooz, with it’s Billboard-topping hit, I Can’t Wait. Singer Valerie Day fronted Nu Shooz, which was up for a Grammy in the Best New Artist category in 1987. These days, Valerie is a wonderful vocal coach and music entrepreneur, who last year launched a great podcast for singers called “Living a Vocal Life.” I was honored to be Valerie’s guest for the March 2020 episode. Valerie’s questions were insightful and our conversation was lively, talking about approaches to writing and learning songs, the importance of downtime and reflection in a creative life, the mind/body connection in singing and emotional vulnerability, some certain special memories, and a whole lot more.

You can hear the complete interview at Living a Vocal Life podcast: https://www.valeriedaysings.com/living-a-vocal-life-podcast

This podcast series is just one part of a larger outreach Valerie is creating to provide online resources, courses and a community of support for singers of every genre and level of experience. I’m so happy to be a part of this. As I told Valerie in our interview, I wish this had been available to my younger self! It would have been invaluable. Hope you enjoy listening.