January 4, 2022

On the Move in '22

If you take a peek at the upcoming shows coming up this new year, you'll notice things are on the move!

During the first couple of months there are concerts in new places in Georgia and Florida, including Orlando and Boca Grande over Valentine's weekend. I'll be back at Sandy Springs performing arts center in February, as well.

Performing arts centers in several communities are a focus throughout this year. In some cases I'm taking the music to outlying communities who don't often get the chance to hear live jazz -- part of a tour I'll be doing in June with the Joe Alterman Trio. The tour is made possible through Jazz Road, a program from South Arts. I'm really looking forward to this experience, for us all. I remember introducing jazz to school children in my 20s when I was part of the St. Louis Jazz Quartet, a group that was for decades part of Young Audiences, an arts outreach organization. It was always fun, always uplifting.

Speaking of my history with the St. Louis Jazz Quartet, this summer will bring a reunion concert featuring many of the group's members from over the years. I haven't seen most since the 1980s! The concert benefits Springboard, an arts organization Young Audiences is now part of. Check out "upcoming schedule" for details.

Looking at this year, I realize the February Sandy Springs show will be my fourth time performing the "Certain Elements" concert since the CD was released in 2019. It makes me so happy to bring this dynamic show with its mix of classic pop, standards, Latin, and originals. Along the way we've added some new music, kept favorites -- and my six-piece band is still blowing people away, myself included. February will feel special and a little bittersweet, as this may be the last time for this particular show in the Atlanta area. I'm looking toward new music likely coming later in the year, and will be eager to present it when it's time.

Whatever it is you love to do, whatever happy thing keeps you on the move, I hope 2022 brings it to you!