March 26, 2019

O’s Place review gives Certain Elements 96/100

Many thanks to D. Oscar Groomes for a very nice review in the March 2019 O’s Place jazz newsletter, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary of publishing.

“Certain Elements” received a rating of 96 out of 100 (the highest rating of the close to 100 albums reviewed in this issue!). O’s ratings are based on performance, sound quality and packaging (in that order of priority). So appreciative of the listen, and the score, on behalf of myself and all the musicians who contributed to this music.

 Here’s what Mr. Groomes wrote about “Certain Elements”:

O’s Notes:

“Karla Harris is a jazz vocalist with exceptional talent that surfaces like a beautiful ballet dancer on Certain Elements. Her voice resonates with passion over countless stories of romance and heartbreak. Among the best are “Interlude”(between her and her again), “Cherish”, “Set Sophia Free” and “The Way He MakesMe Feel”. Starting in St. Louis, stretching out in Portland and now based inAtlanta, Harris has a voice you want to hear and experience time and time again.”


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