March 9, 2019

PlanetJazz radio hosts Karla for live interview

I had the pleasure of spending the better part of an hour in a live interview with Alvin Jones, host of PlanetJazzradio, recently. Back story: I felt like I, in some ways, had already met Alvin — he’s the creator of the “Quiet Storm” syndicated smooth jazz show that aired for many years, and I would hear his voice driving home from gigs when I lived in St. Louis. So it was fun to meet him on the phone for this interview in support of Certain Elements.

Alvin is so engaging, and we had a fun conversation that went in a few directions, including talking about some current events, his “marriage proposal” to Nancy Wilson back in the day, D.C. traffic, and of course, the new album, with him playing two songs, including the title track. I appreciated Alvin's great hosting.