March 17, 2020

Two songs named semifinalists in the International Songwriting Competition

In late February, the International Songwriting Competition sent word that two songs I wrote and recorded -- “Interlude” and“When Michael” -- had reached semifinalist status in the competition’s 2019 "Performance" and "Jazz" categories, respectively. These two songs are on my most recent album, Certain Elements.

This was exciting news, as there were close to 18,000 entries from around the world across 20 categories— and fewer than 11% made it to semifinalist. And, in the two categories these songs were in, there were less than 75 semifinalists each.

The submissions are judged by industry leaders in the music biz, including producers, songwriters, top artists, label execs, etc.

Writing and recording originals is one of the most creatively satisfying journeys I’ve known. It feels really good to have the work recognized by this globally respected competition.